What We Do


Hugs for Healing™ Inc a 501c3 is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through inspiring hope and helping to improve the quality of life by providing post surgical and/or cancer recovery comfort items such as seatbelt, cough and post surgical pillows for those going through surgery such as but not limited to (heart, organ transplant, mastectomy, hysterectomy, etc) cancer treatment, and suffering from chronic illnesses.

We hope for a day where there is a cure for cancer, chronic illness and everyone is disease and surgery free.  In the meantime Hugs for Healing™ Inc will provide comfort to those with disease today.

We dedicate ourselves to this mission in memory of those who fought with grace, strength and dignity: Mina Elizabeth Larpenter, an incredible wife, mother, grammy, daughter, sister and friend.  Harold Norman Jacques, incredible father, grandfather. Alma Looney Jones, Gerald Francis Brown, Donald Jares, Jeff Jares, Jason Jares, Bobby Bounds, Bill Procter

And those that continue to fight every day: Ross Dennis, Jennifer Ashely, Treva Brown, Darlene Bruton,  Rosinella Dudich, Dani Gonzalez, Carlene Owens

Hugs for Healing is not affiliated with any other cancer, heart, or transplant foundation, health or nonprofit organization.


Providing Comfort for the ones you love most


  • Giving back to our community and others through comfort, caring, and compassion,
  • We will exercise the highest degree of integrity and accountability as stewards over all the resources God has entrusted to our care.
  • We will treat all volunteers and clients with the utmost respect, love, care and compassion.

Comfort for the ones you love most.....